Dosecann is initially focused on 3 major global diseases that affect the general mass population: pain, insomnia, and anxiety. Approximately, 10% of the world’s populations are confronted with some form of pain with industrialized regions reaching a prevalence of 20-25% in chronic pain. Similarly, insomnia is a highly prevalent condition with approximately one third of the general population presenting with some degree of insomnia. Lastly, anxiety and the stress of (self-imposed or otherwise) balancing modern work-life is increasingly difficult with 12% and 10% of North Americans showing clinical signs of social anxiety disorder and conduct disorder, respectively. As one can imagine, poor sleep, anxiety, and pain are not mutually exclusive with one likely to be a causal factor of the other. As such, Dosecann is focused on pain, insomnia, and anxiety products that target overlapping populations with similar lifestyles and needs. Of concern, these health issues (particularly pain) are areas in which opioids (both prescribed and illicit) have become a mainstay in modern medicine and Dosecann is committed to developing non-addictive and effective alternatives for patients and practitioners.


Dosecann fully understands the remarkable medical benefits of the natural Cannabis plant; however, we also understand the possible negative side effects of psychological addiction, acute paranoia, and increased potential to stimulate chronic psychosis with the improper use of this controlled substance. Dosecann’s primary focus is to understand and execute on the synergy between the psychoactive effects of THC, non-psychotropic modulators including CBD, CBC, CBN, and the complex terpene mixtures that can further modify efficacy. This innovative thinking will significantly reduce the possible side effects in certain disease states as the product components will be refined, unequivocally defined, and elicit reproducible outcomes. Through evidence based science and using a mantra of Refine, Define, and Reproduce, Dosecann will differentiate itself from other groups in the cannabis space.

Our Solution

R.D.R. (Refine, Define, and Reproduce):

How does one set about implementing the three pillars: Refine, Define, and Reproduce? The former is tackled by acknowledging that Cannabis sativa, regardless of strain and growth conditions, produces a THC content range rather than a specific amount. Only through refinement methods can industry achieve a reproducible and reliable end-product. Appropriately defining content demands the use of cutting edge analytical methods, which have been developed in coordination with our valued partners. Finally, and the true key to success, is to ensure Dosecann products are Reproducible and to this end, we utilize a revolutionary and innovative mono-dose delivery platform. Combining a Refined, Defined, and Reproducible product with outstanding pre-clinical and clinical testing, Dosecann ensures patients receive a product that is safe and effective.

Message from the founder