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Dosecann Cannabis Solutions

Welcome to the Dosecann Cannabis Program

As a registered participant of the Dosecann Cannabis Program (the “Program”) you will have access to a premium selection of precision-dosed cannabis oils, easy to use sublingual sprays, and convenient capsules. To view our current product selection, please click below. For submitting your registration forms, or if you have any questions, please see our contact information at the bottom of this page.

Registering for the Dosecann Cannabis Program

Working with your health care practitioner, registering for the Dosecann Cannabis Program and obtaining medical cannabis is easy! Simply follow the steps below to register:

Obtain a Medical Document

To receive a Medical Document, similar to a prescription, you must consult your health care practitioner for an assessment. If the health care practitioner determines that you may benefit from medical cannabis, a Medical Document will be issued to you directly. This document will specify the amount and duration, for up to 1 year, of recommended medical cannabis consumption. Please submit this document to the Program via mail or secure fax.


Once you have obtained a Medical Document from your health care practitioner, you may register with the Dosecann Cannabis Program by filling out the following forms. You may submit the forms to the Program via mail, secure fax or email.

Please ensure that the personal information that appears on the registration form matches the information that appears on the Medical Document.

Please leave one copy with your health care practitioner and submit a second copy to us.

Please fill out and send back to us together with the Registration Form.


Once your Medical Document and registration forms have been received, verified and approved, a member from our client care team will contact you to complete your registration process.

Make Your Purchase

Congratulations! You are now a registered patient with the Dosecann Cannabis Program. You may make a purchase via phone (1 833 332 8959) using any major credit card or Visa Debit. Deliveries will be made directly to your place of residence.

Contact Information

The Dosecann Cannabis Program is serviced by Kolab Project incorporated, a federal cannabis license holder.